Maintaining An Asphalt Skatepark

If you are on the recreational committee for your local park and you have an asphalt skating area for the community to enjoy, you will want to take precautionary steps to keep it maintained for the safety and comfort of the users. Most maintenance can be done on your own, and an asphalt paving contractor can help out if there are significant damaged areas that need to be tended to before the park can be used. Here are some steps you can take in making sure your skate park is up to par and ready to be used this season.

Do An Assessment

Take the time to walk through the skate park while looking at the flooring and fixtures to see if there are any areas in need of repair. Jot down notes as to where the spots are located within the park so you can find them easily when you come back to do the job. Knowing ahead of time which areas are in need of fixing will also help you determine the amount of material you will need to buy to do the repair in full.

Clean The Area

Before you fix any compromised areas, clean the skate park so the filler you use will work without debris getting in the way. Use a pressure washer to wet down the skate park. Wash out any cracks or holes thoroughly so that loosened asphalt will be able to be removed easily. Use a chisel or a wire brush to get any embedded pieces of debris out of the cracks or holes you will be repairing.

Fix The Damage

Use crush gravel to fill in any cracks or small holes in the asphalt of your skate park. Push it into place using the wooden end of a hammer and pour in more, if needed. Use rubberized asphalt filler on top of the gravel to close the crack or hole from view. This is applied using a caulking gun. Push the nozzle into the damaged area as far as possible and squeeze the contents inside. Use a putty knife to smooth any excess filler over the surface of the asphalt, making it uniform with the existing surface.

Finish The Job

After you have repaired any cracks or holes, allow the filler to harden into place for a few days. Add a fresh coat of paint to the asphalt to spruce up the look of your skating area. Add guidelines along the perimeter so skaters know which areas can be used for each activity. Take a look at any ramps, plastic jumps or loops for cracking or rust. Replace with new pieces if you notice any decay present.

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