Tips For Getting Stains Out Of Paving Stones

If you have a driveway or a patio that is made up of paving stones, you are going to want to use the area as much as possible in order to get the most out of your investment. You will also want to make sure that you keep your stones looking great. This means that you will have to remove stains on a regular basis. Here are some tips for making sure that you get all of the stains out of your paving stones.

1. Condiments

The first thing that you want to address are any condiment stains. If you have had cookouts on your patio, your guests may have spilled ketchup or mustard on the ground. This can be frustrating for a homeowner because it is very difficult to get the condiments up in time before they soak into the ground. In order to get rid of any stains that are caused by condiments, you need to take liquid dish detergent and soak the stains with it. Allow the detergent to soak into the stone for at least twenty minutes, preferably longer. This will loosen any part of the stain that might have seeped through the stone. Use a wire brush to scrub the stain lightly after you have waited and then hot water to gently rinse off the soap. This will allow you to remove the stain without damaging the paving stone.

2. Chewing Gum

Use a paint scraper to carefully scrape up any of the gum that you can. Then, take rubbing alcohol and apply it to whatever is left on the pavement. Let the alcohol sit for a few minutes and then scrub off with dish washing detergent and hot water. The alcohol will loosen the gum and the soap and hot water will take care of any residue that might be left over. This process will also work for any caulking that might be on the pavement.

3. Oil and Grease

If oil and grease have gotten on your paving stones and have managed to penetrate the surface, you will need to make sure that you take the time to get rid of it. Take something absorbent, such as kitty litter. Leave this material on the area for a day or so and keep it dry the entire time. The grease should gradually be sucked back up to the surface where you can use dish washing detergent to cut through any residue after sweeping the kitty litter up.

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