Keeping Your Community Basketball Court Safe Using Maintenance Steps

If your neighborhood park has a basketball court for the community to use, and you are a member of the recreational committee in charge of maintaining this amenity, you will want to take the needed steps in keeping it safe. Failing to take the time to maintain a basketball court can lead to a lawsuit if someone happens to become injured due to improper upkeep. Here are some steps you should take regularly to help keep the court in the best of shape so it can continue to be used without incident.

Clean The Court Regularly To Eliminate Debris

One of the main parts of maintaining a public basketball court is the elimination of debris from the area. Check over the court at the end of each day to remove any debris from the area so it does not become a hazard to anyone who may trip on it or step on it when playing a game of basketball. Provide waste receptacles in the area so beverage containers can be collected for recycling instead of ending up left behind to mar the aesthetics of the area. Use a leaf blower to remove all dirt from the asphalt or concrete surface so it does not become caked on the flooring, leading to an uneven and unsightly playing area.

Take Time To Make Necessary Repairs To The Flooring

At the first signs of cracking or crumbling of the floor of the court, make needed repairs so they do not become larger in size. Push pieces of gravel into these crevices to give the flooring some stability. Cover the gravel with an asphalt or cement caulk to hide the gravel from view. This can be spread over the void using a putty knife. After the caulk hardens, it can be sanded down using a piece of medium-grit sandpaper wrapped around a wood block. This will smooth the flooring so the patch is less visible. 

If there are several damaged areas you filled in, add a layer of sealcoating over the entire floor surface to hide blemishes and give the floor a protective layer. Contact a business that offers sealcoating services in your area for more information.  You would need to have the guidelines repainted on the court after this process. A basketball stenciling kit can be purchased if you wish to undertake the painting job on your own. The guidelines are cut out of a large tarp-like piece of material. Simply lie the stencil over the court and spray paint the lines in the appropriate spots without error.

Add Information For Patrons To Contact Someone For Help

It is a good idea to place signs in the court area for patrons to view before they take up a game. This can indicate the rules of the court so there is less chance of an injury if they are followed. Make sure to include a rule about throwing away trash so it is less likely to become a concern. Leave a phone number on the rule sign so patrons can call you to alert you of any problems with the court, allowing you to fix them promptly as a result.

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