Tried To DIY Your Own Concrete Driveway And Failed? How Paving Contractors Can Fix It

It is great that there are so many homeowners who enthusiastically want to DIY every home and property project. However, there are some projects that may prove to be too much for you. If you have recently tried to DIY your own concrete driveway and it failed miserably, you need to look for paving contractors that can help. Here are some ways in which paving contractors can fix bad DIY concrete jobs.

Your Driveway Is Still Wet Slag 

If you find that you cannot even set a toe on your driveway without creating an imprint in the still-very-wet concrete, you probably made an error in mixing it. This is quite a common problem for those that have never mixed concrete before. A paving contractor will fix this problem by scraping up all the wet slag and disposing of it. Then he or she will mix a better batch of concrete and finish the driveway for you.

Your Driveway Chips Heavily and It Is Too New for That

Newly-poured concrete should be left to dry, harden and cure. Once it has, it should not chip or flake for quite some time. If it is already chipping, it may not have been cured properly, or the amount of silt or aggregate you used was incorrect. Concrete is a science; only the perfect mixture will do what is expected of it.

A paving contractor might fix this problem in one of two ways:

  1. He/she will smooth over the chipped areas with a thin layer of fresh concrete and then asphalt the whole driveway.
  2. He/she will just pour asphalt on the whole driveway to save your concrete and save you the expense of having to rip it up and start over.

Either way, your concrete underneath is protected and will stop chipping and flaking.

Your Driveway Cracked the Minute You Drove Your Car onto It

Concrete comes in many different types, most of which are designed to manage "x" pounds per square inch or sqaure foot. If you use the cheapest kind of concrete to complete your driveway and you did not check to see if it could bear up under the weight of your vehicle, do not be too surprised when the new concrete cracks like chalk when you drive on it the first time. Even though it is fully dry, appropriately hardened and maybe even cured correctly, the paving contractor will have to pull it all up and lay fresh concrete, this time using the type that can bear up under the weight of your vehicle.

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