Why Sealing Potholes In Your Asphalt Parking Lot Will Save You Money

Every spring, your asphalt parking lot forms new potholes. These potholes need to be repaired as soon as possible or else you could suffer from a severe financial loss. Just how do these potholes form and what can you do to stop them?

The Damage They Cause

When drivers hit potholes, their car can suffer from a variety of types of damage. While they typically don't cause severe structural damage, they can cause serious problems with the wheel, including bent wheel rims. It could also knock off the wheel's balance. However, people in your parking lot could actually trip and fall on potholes, spraining their ankle or suffering from serious injury.

If one of your customers is injured falling on a pothole in your parking lot, there's a chance that you'll be liable for the injury in a personal lawsuit. This is only likely if it can be proven that your pothole caused the injury and that they suffered from real monetary loss, such as lost wages and medical bills. This could run into payouts as high as several thousands of dollars.

The Origin Of Potholes In Your Parking Lot

So where do these giant and dangerous items originate? Potholes form when water gets underneath of your parking lot surface and expands and contrasts with the weather. As water freezes, it expands and will cause your asphalt to bend and crack, damaging its structural integrity. Once the water thaws and flows away, the asphalt will drop to fill in the missing area.

This problem is typically more prevalent in colder areas but they can happen anywhere. Potholes typically appear in spring and can vary in size from no more than a few inches across to several feet. They are particularly prevalent in parking lots due to their flat and even nature.

How To Seal Your Asphalt Parking Lot

To avoid this kind of problem, you need to first fix the potholes in your parking lot and then seal off the asphalt to keep new ones from forming. Typically, pothole repair costs as little as $23 to $129 per pothole, much lower than a lawsuit payout. Professional asphalt repair technician prices will vary depending on the size of the pothole and the materials used to repair it.

Sealing a parking lot requires having the same professional apply a seal-coating directly to the surface of the asphalt. This typically range from $0.14 to $0.25 per square foot. So if your parking lot is 30 by 40 feet, it would be 1,200 square feet. Multiply that by $0.14 to get $168 at your lowest and $300 at the highest.

While repairing and sealing the asphalt in your parking lot won't be inexpensive, it can help protect you from personal injury and car damage lawsuits. It can also protect your parking lot from pothole damage in the future.

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