How You Can Make Your Driveway More Appealing

Your driveway is an important part of your house. It not only holds your car and visitors' cars, it also provides a type of grand entrance to your home. You have heard about 'curb appeal' when talking about the outside of your home. This means the appearance of the outside of your home is appealing to passersby and potential buyers should you decide to sell. You can also make your driveway more appealing and really improve the 'curb appeal' of your home. Here are a few ways to make your driveway more appealing.

Low Rock Wall

If you have a wide enough driveway or even a larger front yard, you can make your driveway more interesting and also protect an asphalt driveway from runoff by putting in a low rock wall along the length of it. The wall can be placed within a few feet of the driveway and you can add a little glamour to the wall by placing solar lighting along the length or placing planters with flowers that will last all summer or other seasonal plants and flowers for a beautiful, natural feel.


If you prefer a more natural look in your yard, you can plant different types of bushes along the length of your driveway. You could either plant evergreens for a great year round look, or plant rose bushes for a formal, garden look. When you plant bushes along your driveway, it can help protect against excess water as the bushes will absorb much of the rain runoff from the driveway. It can also protect an asphalt driveway from wind and blowing snow as it would provide a type of barrier to help prevent excess moisture on the driveway.

Change Your Driveway

It isn't always about making a garden or planting greenery along your driveway to help make it more appealing. You can also make your driveway bigger by doing a couple of different things. You can widen your driveway, giving it a more palatial look and allowing more cars to park on it, including beside each other instead of one in front of the other.

You could also change your long, straight driveway into a curved one if you don't mind losing some of your front yard. This of course will work better if you have a larger yard. You could have the driveway run right up to your front steps if you like and then add a straight portion to your garage should you have one. Contact a driveway paving business to learn more.

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Your driveway is an important part of your house. It not only holds your car and visitors' cars, it also provides a type of grand entrance to your hom