Keep Your Asphalt Bike And Golf Cart Trails In Good Repair So They Last Longer

If you manage a property that has bike paths or trails for golf carts, you'll want to keep up with maintenance, so the asphalt doesn't crack or start to crumble. Asphalt trails are similar in construction to driveways, but there are a few differences, such as not being designed to handle heavy vehicles. Here are some things to know about maintaining the trails on your property, so they hold onto their visual appeal.

Have A Sealcoat Applied

Talk to your paving contractor about when to apply a sealcoat. A sealcoat adds a layer of protection to your trail, so it doesn't deteriorate as fast due to rain and UV exposure. Plus, the sealcoat helps the trail hold onto its dark, rich color. Various factors, such as the amount of traffic on the trail affect how often the sealcoat should be applied. However, if you notice the trail is fading, that's a good sign it's time to have another sealcoat put on.

Keep Heavy Vehicles To A Minimum

Even though you don't want cars and trucks on your trails, they are designed to handle them in case of an emergency. An ambulance or police car may need to use the trail to reach an injured golfer. Trucks may also need to use the trails occasionally for maintenance. Just limit the use of heavy vehicles as much as possible to protect the base of the trail and the asphalt surface as well.

Repair Cracks Before They Do Damage

Golf cart and bike trails can be built on all kinds of terrain. While the soil under the trail is level and compact, the edges may be at risk of crumbling if the sides of the trail are near a slope and the soil wears away. Keeping up with preventative maintenance keeps small cracks from getting bigger, and it helps prevent crumbling along the sides of the trail. Prevent this with regular service from your paving contractor. Cracks are fairly easy to fill when they are small, and they can be filled with little disruption to the traffic on the trail. However, once the asphalt is covered with cracks and the sides have to be repaired due to crumbles, the trail may need to be shut down to make the necessary repairs.

Regular care and maintenance of your trails prolongs their lives and also reduces your repair costs. While that is a nice benefit, the best benefit is that it keeps your trails visually appealing and safe, and that is important to the people who use the trails often. For more information, contact a company like Imperial Paving.

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If you manage a property that has bike paths or trails for golf carts, you'll want to keep up with maintenance, so the asphalt doesn't crack or start

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