2 Tips To Keep Your Business' Exterior Attractive

As a business owner, it is important and essential to your business to take care of the exterior of your building, as it is the first thing customers will see when visiting your location. Because you want to keep your business' exterior well-maintained and tidy, it is important to take care of it yourself or hire professionals to handle its exterior appearance. Here are two areas of your business' exterior that need specific maintenance all year to be kept looking great.


The pavement that makes up your business' parking lot not only contributes to the appearance of the building's exterior, but it can affect your customer's safety. A cracked and pothole-filled parking lot is going to look awful and can cause a customer to trip and fall on their way into your establishment.

Keep your asphalt paved parking lot in good repair with frequent cleaning to remove vehicle fluids, which can degrade the surface of your pavement and lead to additional damage. Be sure to fill any cracks with an asphalt crack filler product, and patch to fill any potholes with cold mix asphalt repair material.

After several years of being exposed to the sun and adverse weather, your asphalt will begin to dry out and lose its flexibility, leading to further cracking. Applying a protective layer of sealcoating will seal the surface of your asphalt and any repairs you have completed, and improve its appearance. Basic parking lot maintenance can go a long way to help with this as well.


Any landscaping around your business should be similarly kept up. This includes keeping any lawn mowed and trimmed regularly, then treatment to remove weed growth, and a lawn fertilizer. Edging the sides of your lawn can turn an unkempt-looking lawn into one that looks tidy and trimmed.

Trim any landscaping bushes and vegetation to remove erratic-growing branches and dead growth. Be sure to pull weed growth from around vegetation, as weeds can pull moisture and nutrients in the soil away from your landscaping and reduce their health and stunt their growth. Neglecting to do so can require you to apply fertilizer and water more frequently.

Apply a soil mulch to improve the appearance of your landscaping beds. Soil mulch also provides protection to your landscaping plants to aid in their health and appearance by keeping the soil moist for longer and reducing the occurrences of weed growth. You can choose a mulch made from wood bark that is stained various colors, rubber mulch made from recycled tires, or a ground cover made of gravel or decorative rocks.

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As a business owner, it is important and essential to your business to take care of the exterior of your building, as it is the first thing customers

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