Three Advantages Of Gravel Driveways

Driveways are the most common hardscaping installation for residential homes, since almost every homeowner will own a vehicle. Driveways can be made out of a variety of different materials, from traditional pavements like asphalt and concrete to the more distinctive paving stones and gravel driveways. Gravel driveways, in particular, stand out due to the fact that they are made up of many small stones instead of a single uniform surface. This gives gravel driveways a number of benefits when compared to other driveway paving materials. Understanding just what a few of the largest benefits associated with gravel driveways are can help you figure out if installing a gravel driveway on your property is the best choice for your home.


One of the largest advantages of using gravel for your driveway when compared to other types of driveway materials is the fact that gravel will not break or crack. Since gravel driveways are basically just laid over the soil, there is no risk of an uneven surface occurring due to excessive wear and age. Indeed, any sort of disruption to the gravel surface of your driveway can b e easily fixed by simply pouring more gravel on the affected area and raking the area smooth again – a quick and inexpensive fix. 

Customizable Appearance

Another benefit of choosing gravel over other types of paving material, particularly asphalt, is that a wide choice of styles and colors exist. Different types of natural stones can be crushed into gravel, which gives you a massive amount of choice when it comes to color, and differently sized gravel can also be used, from smaller pebbles to larger rock chips. Further, you can mix different types of gravel together to give your driveway a completely unique look, and can even slowly add in and mix gravels over time if you want to change the appearance of your driveway in the future – something that you can't do with other paving materials without fully ripping out the existing driveway.

Installation Speed

Finally, the last reason to consider installing a gravel driveway is that the entire process is fairly quick. The ground of your driveway is stamped flat, and then gravel is laid right on top of it. There is no sealing, drying, or paving process to worry about, and you can use your driveway as soon as you finish spreading the gravel out. This helps reduce the amount of disruption to your property that is associated with your driveway, and also keeps labor costs low.

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