How To Care For Your New Asphalt Driveway

Your new asphalt driveway is so sleek and black. But how do you keep it that way? All asphalt driveways will eventually wear out, but if you follow the care guidelines below, yours will stay looking like new for a lot longer than average.

Don't Rush to Park on It

You probably can't wait to park on your new driveway — maybe you want to snap a few pictures of your car parked on it. But parking on the asphalt too soon may cause some of it to compress, which would leave your driveway uneven. You really don't want an uneven driveway because then water will pool in certain areas, and accumulated water leads to premature deterioration. Stay off the driveway for at least 5 days after it is installed. Don't park anything heavier than your average car on it for two weeks.

Apply Water on Hot Days

During the first few months that you have your asphalt driveway, it will still be curing. On really hot, sunny days, the asphalt may soften a bit as it gets warm. If you can manage to spray it down with cool water before parking on it, that will help keep it hard so it resists damage. 

Pull in Slowly

This is most important when the driveway is still new and curing, but is still important with an older driveway. You want to pull into the driveway slowly and steadily, and without turning your wheel too much. Stepping on the brakes or veering sharply in one direction can cause your tires to grind against the asphalt, leaving wear marks.

Sweep the Driveway

Every few days, use a push broom to sweep any debris off the driveway. This way, the debris won't get packed into the asphalt. If there is anything that seems to be caked on, loosen it by spraying it with the garden hose.

Don't Use Rock Salt

Rock salt is good for melting ice on some surfaces, but not on asphalt. The salt encourages the asphalt's outer sealer layer to break down, leaving the surface looking dull and pitted. There are asphalt-safe deicing agents out there, and they're typically liquid in form. Rely on these, not rock salt, in the winter.

With the tips above, you can keep your asphalt driveway looking a lot newer for many years. Reach out to asphalt paving contractors in your area for more tips and advice.

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