Info On Paving Your Commercial Parking Lot

Paving your parking lot is something you want to learn more about before you actually have the job done. There are a lot of things that you want to be aware of if you are going to get the most out of the pave job, meaning you will know all about various aspects of having the parking lot paved including things like the best time of the year to have it done all the way to knowing what things can cause it to crack. Here are some of the important things that you want to know.

Warm weather is best for pavement installation

One of the things you want to understand about pavement is that it is small bits of stone that is mixed with liquid asphalt. Liquid asphalt is like a type of glue, and this is also what gives the pavement its dark coloring. Asphalt hardens once it cools, but until it cools it is pliable. The asphalt is heated up at a plant and then driven to your parking lot when it is time for the installation process to begin.

If the weather is cold outside, then it will cause the asphalt to cool faster during the installation, and this makes it harder to work with and limits the amount of time the crew has to get the surface smoothed out before it becomes too hard to work with. This means the warmer the weather is, the smoother the surface of your parking lot can end up being.

Another reason why warmer weather is better for asphalt installation is due to the fact that the asphalt will have better compaction when it is allowed to cool slowly and this compaction plays a big role with regards to the overall lifespan of the parking lot asphalt.

Also, when you have two sections of the parking lot meet up (the joints), you want the asphalt of each to come together as one cohesive unit and when the asphalt has already begun to cool as they meet up, a weaker area will be created.

Proper upkeep and maintenance will be important

Not only do you want your parking lot to maintain that nice shiny, black sleek appearance that makes it look nice and new, but you also want it to stay in good shape without damage. Proper upkeep and appropriate maintenance measures are what will make your parking lot maintain that look and remain damage free.

Clean the asphalt – Cleaning oil spills and grease spots off the asphalt promptly will prevent soft spots from occurring that can lead to potholes.

Sealcoating the asphalt – Sealcoating will keep the parking lot looking great and it will prevent cracks, potholes, and other damages from happening.

Crack filling – Filling any cracks that may appear while they are still small is going to prevent you from ending up with large ones that can also spread and become long.

For more information, contact a commercial paving company in your area.

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