Tips To Plan And Pave Your Apartment Complex Parking Lot

If you are a rental property owner, then the condition of the parking lot, common areas, and other parts of the rental complex is an important detail that you need to pay attention to constantly to keep happy tenants and a steady stream of income. When it is time to handle upkeep and repairs on your complex parking lot, there are some recommendations you should follow to ensure success during and after the project. Here are some tips to help you plan for and pave your apartment building parking lot.

Plan For Regular Repairs

Your rental property's parking lot can be a big influence on the look of your property overall and the potential tenants you attract. A well-maintained parking lot is going to help make your property exterior look sharp and like you take care of the units and your tenants. You also don't want to allow pot holes or large cracks to form in the parking lot because it can be a safety hazard to your tenants and a liability to your business.

Along with crack filling over the parking lot, you should remove any weed growth around the edges of the lot. Every few years, you should plan to sealcoat the parking lot's surface. This restores the dark black color of the pavement and seals any cracks while restoring the flexibility of the surface. Then, follow up the sealcoating with applying new parking lot striping for your tenants and any reserved and handicap spots.

Notify Your Residents

Whether you plan to pave the entire parking lot or just fill in the crack damage that has formed, you should alert your residents to any upcoming maintenance on the parking lot so they won't be caught off guard and unprepared for the work. You don't want your tenants returning home after work only to find the parking lot is blocked off. Or worse, you don't want your tenant blocked into the parking and unable to leave for work in the morning because the asphalt parking lot repair crew have blocked the exit and entrance.

Once you have scheduled the asphalt work with your asphalt company, plan to send out a written notice of the parking lot work a couple weeks in advance then follow it up with another notice a few days before the project. Post these notices on the doors to the property or send it to each resident through the mail.

For more information about asphalt paving, contact a local paving contractor.

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